Botox parties are so in! The Botox Party Method will bring you and your friends together as you host a Botox party at your house or our office. We’ll reserve the office for you and your guests and design a customized treats table. It’s perfect for exciting events and special occasions such as bridal parties, bachelorette parties, and more!

Here’s How It Works

You, as the host, may invite an unlimited number of guests. The more the guests spend on Botox, the more you’ll get. You’ll get 40 units of free Botox for hosting the special occasion, but the units can rise depending on how much the guests spend. The best perk? You could get all your Botox for free or at a discount.

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The Treatment

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What We Supply

All participants of party will be offered a 10% additional savings for treatments other than neurotoxin. 

Live Vibrant Wellness And Aesthetics

Botox Requirements

A $1500 minimum deposit is required for all Botox parties. This amount will be applied towards each procedure separately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Botox party is a social gathering at a house or office, providing guests with injections to smooth wrinkles.

Yes. Our Botox parties will have particular restrictions to ensure safe and effective treatments.

Botox is a botulinum toxin type A used to soften and relax facial lines and wrinkles for three to four months. We may provide numbing cream to guests for maximum comfort while administering the injections.

Yes. You might get mild bruising. We recommend not consuming alcoholic beverages before getting an injection to prevent bruising.

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