The FDA has approved an eye drop to improve droopy eyelids caused by aging or ptosis. This prescription eyedrop is a once-a-day drop to lift the upper eyelid’s muscle temporarily. Lilting the upper eyelid causes the eyes to open wide. The result is a young-looking and rejuvenated appearance of the eyes.
Upneeq’s active ingredient is 0.1% oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution. Oxymetazoline is also in nasal decongest sprays, but this versatile chemical causes the upper eyelid muscle to tighten up or contract. This contraction causes a subtle lifting effect and opens the eye wider. Visit Us now

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Visible improvement in opening the eyelid is seen within 15 minutes of applications. However, the lifting effect is temporary and can last up to 8 hours.

Ptosis or low-lying or droopy eyelids can be genetic or congenital ptosis, aging or acquired ptosis, or caused by:

Upneeq was formulated to treat acquired ptosis, the most common cause of droopy eyelids. Millions of adults over 40 suffer from some degree of acquired ptosis. The skin loses structural proteins like elastin and collagen that provide elasticity in the eyelids. Elasticity is necessary for the eyelids to bounce back into place. The pull of gravity as you age plus the loss of elasticity cause the upper eyelid to droop over the eye. Acquired ptosis is mainly a cosmetic concern, but drooping eyelids can impair vision.

Upneeq has proven to be safe and effective at improving the appearance of the upper eyelid and the scope of vision. Almost 90% of patients demonstrated a visible improvement, 74% saw fantastic results, and 50% had improvement in upper eyelids. In addition, most patients who use Upneeq saw a lift in their upper eyelids within 15 minutes of using the drops. Incredibly, many patients experienced improvement in droopy eyelids in only five minutes. Upneeq is great for those who want younger-look eyes without surgical intervention.

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