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We formulate and deliver customized cocktails of vitamins and minerals and inject them directly into your bloodstream. The essential vitamins avoid the digestive system and ensure complete absorption. Vitamin Shots boost your cognitive functioning and give you a recharge. Each vitamin provides you with vital health improvements that enhance your immunity. Our Vitamin shots are specially formulated to improve cell turnover, activate collagen production, aid in recovery, and ensure you have a healthy immune system. Restore your vitamin balance and get rejuvenated within minutes. The pros of this treatment include:
  • Injects vitamins directly into the bloodstream
  • Instant vitamin absorption without reaching the digestive system
  • Improves mental and cosmetic health
  • Customized for your concerns
Fun Fact: Proper hair growth relies on adequate levels of vitamin B12.

The Treatment


30 minutes

Our most raved about Vitamin Shot is the B12. This vitamin improves bone health, boosts energy levels, increases brain function, supports nerve cell function, and regulates mood. These shots are effective at treating B12 deficiencies and gastrointestinal problems. A clinical study has proven that regular Vitamin Shots can improve chronic depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Lipotropic Injection

30 minutes

Lipotropic Injections give you a slim appearance and reduce weight while boosting your stamina. These shots consist of three essential amino acids that diminish fat cells. The mix of L-Carnitine, B-Complex, and MIC decreases fat deposits, improves metabolism, converts fat into energy, and optimizes cardiovascular health. These injectable target areas such as the chin, neck, hips, buttocks, stomach, arms, and thighs.

Glutathione Injections

30 minutes

Glutathione Injections are formulated with antioxidants that reduce cell damage, improve blood flow, and protect the body from harmful toxins. The three main ingredients (glycine, cysteine, and glutamic) keep your immune system healthy. You’ll get reverse on all signs of aging and renew your skin’s appearance. It’s vital for detoxifying the body and neutralizing your health. Typically, this treatment is injected directly into the deltoid and gluteal muscle.
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A Vitamin Shot reduces weight, improves immune problems, eases aches, and enhances your metabolism.

You’ll see the results within 48-72 hours after treatment. The number of injections you get is customized based on your health condition.

Usually, the results last one week.

Yes. You may get mild aches on injected area, itching, or swelling that subside within a few hours. If the symptoms persist, seek medical care.

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