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Hey, There Beautiful Queen,

Welcome To “The NO Redbull Zone” Blog For The 21st-Century Woman!

This blog is meant to help all my ladies that run like chickens with their heads cut off, being stressed by work, husbands, kids, and who feel exhausted, fatigued, and downright tired of feeling tired. I still have flashbacks from such a state and reverse it from time to time. LOL.

Why “The NO Redbull Zone” You Might Ask,

Well, I strongly feel that you should not have to resort to energy drinks or coffee for the 15th time this afternoon to get some work done.

I do not think that Starbucks is the best place to spend your money or trust it with your stamina… these guys are making billions from us already!

In the last 20 months of practicing medicine as a physician assistant and a functional health consultant, I have literally heard all sorts of complaints from busy women like you, but the most common ones are:

  • Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Joint pain
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Resistant Weight Gain

So, Why You Should Care About These Seemingly “Normal” Annoyances?

For us women, these symptoms are not just there to annoy us, they are here to cautiously alert us, like a canary in a coal mine; to let us know that a gruesome future awaits; one that we may not be able to completely run away from if we do not reverse the current path.

The answers to these ailments are NOT going to be found in your traditional general practitioner’s office. Unfortunately, we really do not have time to speak about “health creation”, “cellular metabolism”, or why you feel so run down. Working in hospitals and doctors’ offices has really opened my eyes to a different reality and if we fail to pay attention to symptoms of low cellular energy, we might as well start saving for years of medical spending and worst of all…a crappy overall life. I guess this is unacceptable for you too.

Now, my job as a healthcare provider is not to scare the living hell out of you, but to help you pay more attention to the clues your body is giving you and help you make a 180-degree course change towards a healthier and more energetic existence.

I know for a fact that you are not finding the answers to your health questions in the traditional doctor’s office. God knows all we can do in 15 minutes is barely examine you, run some half-baked blood work and tell you that everything is “OK” if you are not about to drop dead in the office. I am guilty of it 100%, but that’s why I have turned to the world of functional medicine where all systems are viewed as interconnected and you are seen as a unique individual, not just a number on a chart.

In summary, my purpose with this corner of the internet is to bring you actionable tips and strategies I use with my patients and clients to resolve the symptoms of low cellular metabolism described above from a body and mind perspective. I am a firm believer that a lot of the dis-ease that accompanies us on a daily basis are self-inflicted through poor coping skills. I know I have suffered enough anxiety and “what if” -it is so for that reason I here proclaim that if I have a single breath left in my lungs, I will help you find better outlets for stress, both psychological and physiological.

So there you go, I hope to read your comments and be the little canary in the coal mine…

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Your Energizer Physician Assistant.

Nelly Gal.


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